Why Do People Buy Clothes That Are Smaller Than Their Size?

Among a few causes for this phenomenon, one is that the sizes of many brands have shifted in recent years. This makes it difficult for consumers to find items that fit them properly, which means retailers have to deal with consumer complaints and adjust inventory planning based on brand size labels. Another potential cause is the compensatory consumption that people engage in when they become dissatisfied with their size. When they feel low about themselves, they buy clothes that are at least two sizes smaller than their own size. Purchasing smaller sized clothing boosts a person’s self-esteem, which is a common result of negative body images.

The problem is also rooted in the way clothing companies view plus-size women. The plus-size market has received almost no attention from retailers, with nearly all advertisements featuring thin models. Some retailers have even killed off plus-size brands, like Eloquii, by selling the brand to private investors. Many plus-size clothing brands are not sold in high-end retailers. This trend isn’t limited to major retailers, however.

Another reason for the insanity is the fear of shopping in public. Small clothing sizes sell out quickly, but retailers often sell them at full price. Hence, people who shop in small clothing sizes often find it difficult to decide what size they will wear. Many people have this fear and avoid purchasing smaller clothing sizes. The only solution is to purchase a smaller size if you can fit into it in your size.

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