When Do I Specialize in a Type of Law in Law School?

If you’re wondering when to specialize in a type of legal practice, you aren’t alone. In fact, it’s a good idea to consider a legal concentration while in law school. Students who specialize in a particular area of law will likely have greater marketability for future positions. Besides, they’ll have more relevant industry-specific knowledge and experience, which employers value. A legal concentration will help you stand out from other candidates in a competitive legal market.

While you’re at law school, you’ll learn about a wide range of fields. Criminal law, for instance, covers rules governing the criminal justice system and involves the treatment of criminal suspects. You’ll also learn about the rights and responsibilities of individuals who commit crimes. Likewise, you’ll learn about the legal responsibilities of countries and organizations, including the United Nations. International law is an interesting area of law for professionals who are interested in global affairs.

Many students decide to pursue a different field of law after completing their first year of law school. Some students forego further education and gain valuable work experience before enrolling in law school. However, if you’re considering a different type of law altogether, you should only consider schools accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA). You can also look for other factors, such as community service, organizational affiliations, or recommendations from educators. A good source of information for law school admissions is the Law School Admission Council.

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