What is the Difference Between Life and Lifestyle?

A person’s interests, opinions, values, attitudes, and standard of living are a part of their lifestyle. They may differ from other people, but are generally more unique and personal than common traits. Alfred Adler first used the term in 1929, defining it as a fundamental character that develops early in life. In 1961, sociologist Milton Rokeach expanded the concept to describe a person’s lifestyle as a set of values, attitudes, and outlooks.

In simple terms, a lifestyle is a person’s way of life, while a culture is the way in which a society lives. A person’s lifestyle depends on a variety of factors, including religion, social class, and income. Some people follow a vegan or minimalist lifestyle, while others practice a more traditional lifestyle. Some people also lead secluded lives. In any case, a person’s lifestyle reflects their values, attitudes, and behaviors toward others.

Lifestyles are a set of behaviors and habits that define one’s position in a social structure. Lifestyles are defined by a pattern of behavior and are associated with particular tastes. They are distinctive elements of a social group and a fundamental point of intersection between structure and habitus. Hence, it is the synthesis of these two forms of behaviour. Earlier studies on lifestyles have focused on the behavior of consumers, who used products as material expressions of their identity.

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