Those who have had breast augmentation before: But why did you come back for breast revision surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery is very popular nowadays. With technology and safety of plastic surgeons and accepted standards resulting in breast surgery It’s not a scary thing and everyone decides to do it for the sake of beauty. Dressing, good personality affects many good social opportunities.

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But there are quite a few patients. who had undergone breast surgery and came back to fix it again, which is the cause and director of the Cosmetic Surgery Center, Bangmod Hospital It was described as coming from three main factors:

  1. The chest is hard, which when the patient examines or touches the chest, it will feel that it is harder. However, when wearing a silicone bag for a long time, some people may experience a hardened chest. Medically called Capsular Contracture, which can be caused by many reasons. But the most common is caused by wearing a silicone bag that is larger than the structure of the body. and super muscle augmentation techniques For those who have problems like this can be solved by Surgery to change the silicone bag to the right size. Together with fascia removal surgery (Capsulectomy) and changing the technique of silicone bag augmentation to be under the muscle or Dual Plane will be able to solve this hard chest problem.
  2. Problems of silicone bags leaking or cracking (Gel Bleeding/Ruptured Silicone) This problem will occur with old silicone bags. People who have had breast augmentation for more than 10 years have a high chance of leaking or rupturing. Patients should therefore have their breasts checked regularly. by checking with a specialized doctor An ultrasound mammogram or MRI can help diagnose this condition. and for those who have such problems can be corrected by surgery. Remove the original silicone bag and remove the residual silicone (Silicone Removal). After that, the doctor will clean the cavity where the original silicone was inserted. together with the fascia around the original artificial breast bag (Capsulectomy) and insert a new silicone bag with appropriate techniques and materials lasenorita.
  3. The patient needs to change the size of the breast bag. Some of you may not have any complications. But I want to change the size of the silicone bag to be larger or smaller as desired. It can be done as well. In which case It is recommended that you come for a detailed examination with a surgeon first. what size should be changed and recommend to change to a newer, more efficient silicone bag High safety with good safety profile because the current silicone breast bag (6th Generation Implant) will be natural. both shape and texture It also has a lifetime warranty. less chance of leakage less fibrosis And there are no reports of anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), which if undergoing surgery to change the size. It will be able to replace the silicone with better quality in the same surgery.

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