Is Shein the Most Popular Fast Fashion Retailer?

The turnaround time for Shein is incredibly fast compared to Zara’s. What’s more, the prices of many of its products start at under $1. This low price point has created a social media subculture of internet shoppers who post “haul” videos to demonstrate how much they can buy with just $100. It’s easy to see that this price point is part of the success of Shein.

Shein’s business model has been supercharged by algorithms to predict and define fashion trends. The company employs 2,000 designers and produces thousands of SKUs every day. They order under 100 pieces for every line, which allows them to sell thousands of items in just one day. In addition, Shein uses real-time information to determine how popular certain items are and discontinue them if they aren’t selling.

However, Shein’s success has also been marred by controversy. Big brands and independent designers have sued the retailer over plagiarism. A Scottish illustrator, Elora Pautrat, claimed that Shein had copied her artwork more than ten times. Shein has not responded to these accusations. The company has a history of using designs without permission, so the legal battle over Shein’s use of her artwork is ongoing.

Although the company has a high-tech approach to selling clothes, some critics question Shein’s ethical stance. It has long been criticized as a sham, but it remains an impressive achievement. For anyone concerned about the ethical standards of its clothing, Shein offers an opportune moment. In fact, the company’s prices are often cheaper than at rivals.

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